On Loving You


The little job of loving you.The little job of caring you.

The little job of embracing you

The little job of being to you

The job of never finding no one
No one like you
No one to hurt you
Being around you its all feelings

Sometimes, wind out you someday
Hopefully this love lead the way
Because never listen to people them say
The love sharing, caring and happy

The job of taking you to the top
The job of not loving you stop
The job of singing you love hop
The job of never finding a corp.

The job of treating you right
Calmness, coolness with no fight
Sweet love on holding you tight
Not seasonal only, on-enjoy-night

The job of feeling you too tight
When on-off the light
All the way taking the beauty sight
Going all the way together on flight

The job of talking about us
Giving each other the chances
As I do stay with you longest
Ain’t going anywhere farthest

The job of being to your attention
Not loosing focus and attention
Giving you love a full of affection
Taking all the time to your direction

Giving me the job of not making you cry
Love is the only thing you must enjoy
The job of not looking out-love anyway
Only me, can make you feel that way

The job of making you mine
The job of being always on my mind
The job of becomes your King, mine my Queen
The job of being together in heaven

                    “LET THE LOVE LEAD”

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