Painful Love

If I tell you,

I have searched for you in the desert,

And you came as the nourishing dew drops,

Or that you’ve risen from the darkness,

And illuminated my way,

On a night I was lost,

Or if I say that,

You came along,

As my life was in pieces,

And you magically put them together,

I’d be LYING!

And in this divine bond of ours,

I don’t want to stain it with a lie,

I don’t want us to be in the fake embrace,

Of some far fetched metaphors,

I want to narrate you of our reality,

Of how you tainted my innocence,

And pulled me out of my childhood fantasy,

But how at the same time,

You made me feel fairytales exist.

How you’ve unchained my heart,

And made me take thrilling risks,

Without you really asking for it,

Like that time I first called you,

I don’t know where I got such courage from,

I remember hearing your deep voice,

And thinking… it’s so different.

And how I asked if it’s you?

Just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, you know?

I remember that day I sneaked out of the house,

Just to take a walk in the town,with you,

One by one,

I remember how I broke my principles for you,

Not that I still don’t do.

But most of all,

I remember how you stabbed my heart,

And made it bleed to oblivion,

To the point I thought, it’d never be whole again.

Yet again, you proved me wrong,

And made it complete,

As if it never broke,

As if it never bled.

But for the second time,

You came to shatter the poor organ,

And as new as it was,

It couldn’t survive the hammer.

And now there it lays,

Into million pieces,

But this time,

It isn’t waiting,

The healing from you.

#broken #love

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