Love is such a mysterious concept. One can mean one thing when speaking about love, and another can mean an entirely different thing. We meet poeple, we get attracted to their personality, we like them, we get attached and we name it love.

It’s amazing how the word love is tossed around according to our emotions, moods and needs. Someone can love you to death one day and act completely different the other day.

Was that love?

It was only Infatuation. Just a fantasy. It was just a temporary feeling, one might say. But why do we go around throwing the word love like it’s just a meaningless thing? I beleive we do so because we, ourselves are meaningless. We haven’t given meaning to life, live alone love.

Very few people have experienced love in it’s purest form. That might be why we spend our lives misusing the word love. Labelling our temporary feelings as love.Being full of love one day and feeling empty the other.

The following poem was inspired by a woman whose heart was broken by her lover of few months. What hurt her most is the fact that this man promised that she was the one. She was the woman who fits his life’s vision. She was everything he has been looking for.

This man had a sudden change of heart just few days after he travelled to another city for a week or so. Phone calls stopped. She was suddenly forgotten. Her heart was broken right after she thought she found love.

Reality striked!  It has been only May to July! She was left with no choice but to accept it with an open heart. Despite all, she was proud of herself for her courage to love, most important to beleive. She was grateful it happened sooner rather than later, for she dodged a bullet.




How you said I’m THE woman

Not just any woman

One that was rare

With a vision you share

One you are proud to have

One you’ll always love



How that changed in a day


How that passed like a light ray


How it’s dead just from May



What they say

True love will sway

But never goes away

It’s not gray

It always finds it’s way



Here I lay

With no regrets, not a day

Watching it find it’s way

To the ground for it to lay

In peace should it lay

As we both find our ways



Fatma Omar Ali

A Writer- Poems and Short Articles A book-lover. An Introvert. A student in the school of life. Dar es salaam Tanzania Email: fettyoh@gmail.com

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