PROCESS Of Acts Of Worship

Of course in the PROCESS of acts of worship THROUGH the MONTH, we might have been CAUGHT in BETWEEN ISSUES that made one TALK MUD, probably INSULT, BAD MOUTH, GOSSIP and PROFANE, SHOW OFF, MEASURE one’s MIGHT and POWER and so on.

This is just a HUMANLY ACT which is bound to happen although ABHORRED. Others did very WONDERFUL AND COMMENDABLE THINGS which have actually MADE ALLAH HAPPY and the BELIEVERS TOO. But Allah is Allah and he knows you just so well. The INSTITUTION of ZAKKATUL FITRI has just availed itself in TIME to CLEANSE YOUR MESS.

If it was done correctly and whole HEARTEDLY, TARGETING the right people, will just EARN YOU the CRITICAL last-minute POINTS that you COULDN’T REALLY MISS. Hope you got your 6 days of SHAWWAL FASTED RIGHT, timely, and gave your all in CHARITY expecting only from Allah, and there you have the 83 YEARS WORTH JACKPOT.


It was narrated that Ibn Abbas(RA) said: “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) enjoined Zakatul-Fitr as a purification for the fasting person from idle talk and obscenities, and to feed the poor. Whoever pays it before the (Eid) prayer, it is an accepted Zakah, and whoever pays it after the prayer, it is (ordinary) charity.”
Hassan (Darussalam)


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