We always glorify men as the Super creatures once we compare them against women. But look at the woman we have today, she is the warrioress, she is built with powerful energy to live in wilderness with lions, giraffes, leopards, zebras, and a lot of birds who eagerly want to widen and open their wings to catch her, but she’s actively enough to go along with them.

Through the wild forest with all those wild creatures and some of them being salivating to catch and snatch her, she lives with a confidence on her arm where she strongly hold her weapon, a spear to fight back against them, again on her head she has a very beautiful and very pretty golden crown that beautifies her head, for other animals wanting to go through.

Though she’s so rounded by the hard core and highly conservative creatures but she is pushing through to any of her opinions and views, while she doesn’t lose a sight and focus towards what she want, what she believes and what she has intended to hunt for her own life and her family. She goes all the way to the truth and what she believes while something called ‘fear’ it is not there in her both mind and soul as well as her body, she doesn’t tremble infront of lions or leopards because she knows that it’s her spear and her golden crown which are too precious to protect and she can’t lose them.

Don’t look at her skin color, she might jilt you either being an alien or an avatar, but she’s truly African, strong African woman to stand for her self and all what she believes and on her hand she has a spear too, to protect the people she loves and cherishes so much. Every time she sees the morning, she believes, she goes forth with new fighting spirit, no losing hope though the forest is heavy and the road she took is of such roughness with deep valleys and shallow savanna grasslands.

She had a chance to sit back and take the really back seat and watch what the trend on what is going in the forest because She came from the Queen’s Empire, she could enjoy the lavish life provided to her as the loved princess, as to be cherished, pampered and cared, but she goes through a deep thought and realized that if the forest isn’t a better place for everyone to live and enjoy, she couldn’t sit back. It is where she chooses this pass, going along with it with endurance, patience and of the total commitment. She is really the African Woman.

We might not see all what she’s doing because we always see the lions and leopards who are muscular stronger than her and they have such power to tear her apart within a second, but now she’s successful walk with them with very carefully thought and tactics in her head. She’s free to mong among themselves, and at the same time hunt them down and barbecue them in a very roasted way she pleases.

Whenever she looks at the sky, what she sees is the clear sky, present to all directions she goes and that’s what she is believing in and then wherever there is the sky, She believes, she will continue goes on with the road she took and hunting those disturbing creatures, putting them down under their knees and on their right track. It might rainy or sometime it’s sunny, she got out of her dwelling, goes forth in high spirit, keep on fighting and hunting.

With all the works she’s doing, in which she can cook, fetch water, fetch wood, make some laundry, raise her children and even being a good woman and friend to her husband, but the society we are living, doesn’t recognize the powerful of women we have in our lives. With all obstacles presented to them either being a sexual corruption, ignored, discriminated or even culminated to domestic violences and sometimes raped, but out there, there are Women, who are strong enough to keep on the fight, there are Women who can raise their voices against all form of injustice, though difficult especially to those present and living in rural areas but we have to take strong initiatives to make them proud, happy and enjoy their Womanhood in a very pleased manner.

Smartness, clear brains and hard working, those are special criteria to all woman present there, we all can up together, work with them, help them whenever possible – not giving help as to undermine them- they can fight on their own in any way the man goes. Respect, it is the last thing and best of all times behaviour we can project to them, listen to them it’s the best thing they can enjoy from us again believing in them, because respecting and listening can’t be bought to any shop in town or in suburbs we live, are the God-free-given gifts we can build from ourselves and the children in our families to empower, respect, believe and listen to women.

Give them a chance to get where they are dreamed of, enjoy their lives, spread the wings. It’s possible to raise the voice because THEY ARE STRONG.

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