Racism on Ugandan Climate Activist

Racism on Ugandan Climate Activist: In these few days, a European News media AP has reportedly been quoted perpetuating racism as the Ugandan Climate activist Vanessa Nakate was recently cropped out of a activists’ photo and her message in the article skipped probably because of her colour, being the only black skinned.

Vanessa reacted on her Twitter account “You didn’t erase a photo, you erased a continent. But I’m strong than ever”.

While expecting an official apology for the action, AP official posted a mere statement on their communication blog explaining the situation and that they have been talking to their reporters on things to be paid an extra attention for inclusion and omission.

Vanessa insisted that they should make a clear apology using their official AP site and accounts instead of meaningless description of what happened. This is an acceleration of racist accusations on News media preaching the whites supremacy.

The endless racist activities have been taking place consistently. Fellow climate activists have joined Vanessa via Twitter to say NO against Racism as one of the evils.

Vanessa Nakate has recently been noticed on Twitter and News media for her outstanding fight for Congo rainforests being affected by wildfires. She has been doing this since 2018 and rose as a lonely strong, consistent and focused woman not only in Uganda but Africa and world at large.

The world needs to say NO to Racism. Some News magazines have accused AP for racism on Ugandan Climate Activist.


Elisha Nassary

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