A mercy for this ummah he was and still is
His practices are enough for our hearts to ease.
To catch a glimpse of him anything I would give
The best of creation ever seen.

He is my Rasul,
The most cool
I crave to be in his company from noon to noon
as i read my poems to him free from tunes.

Listen to him talk
I would sit there like a rock
Never moving
Maybe never blinking
never letting him out of my sight
Maybe be a guard for him during the night.
I crave to be in his company
Learn from him and block myself from life’s temporary.

I want him to tell me how to deal with sadness even after being surrounded by happiness.

How to forgive without breaking ties,
How to forget and always be nice.
How to hold on to Our deen
And at the same time be keen
And keep clean.

With all of our beings
How to love without limits
Take each other’s problems helping in carrying it.

With a smile we take it
With satisfaction in it
I wanna learn how to be united
In a world where we are divided
And misguided.

I wanna be in your company
Drink from the rivers and just look at you
For that there is nothing I wouldn’t do Ya Habib.

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