I caught myself staring at the light bulb again I guess I was thinking without thinking. I don’t count but I guess if I were to count how many times I have been staring off late I would surpass the 999   times  Edison failed before the 1000th one worked.

I guess there are some dark history that is craving for light, and it’s not because I was brought up in a ‘koroboi ‘ lit home.

but without thinking, I thought of the time when I was 10yrs an incident engraved in my mind I watched helplessly as a man beat my mum like he was knocking a gate at night and for every blow I felt the pain, I won’t mention the kicks or do you want to hear about the head butt?

Or was I thinking about the time I was in class 4 my mum had just delivered a beautiful baby girl and had to forcefully take a maternity leave from her back breaking hand to mouth milk-woman business, that meant I take a paternity leave from school for days, not because I was the vice-C.E.O but that’s the only way the hand and mouth would remain acquaintances a relationship that benefitted the stomach more. I had to go back to school so my  elder brother scribbled a letter to the class teacher mentioning my cause of absentia, the teacher was very kind to read in front of the whole class I guess she knew they were hungry for laughter. Boy, people speak of heartbreaks as painful they should try this.

or is it when my elder brother stayed in remand for 9 months for a crime “they thought he committed” and my family could not raise THREE THOUSAND SHILLINGS only bond, for the entire period I walked with a book and a pen trying to fundraise.?

or is it when I got to the age which comes with the realization that 2 feet are warmer than 4, hormones were calling and I had to act, I asked her are you held up or would you like to keep me company for the rest of my life she smiled, then she sent me a text said am the best she will ever have took her smile and left?

I have survived all my bad days, “buu look amee now”
If you are at rock-bottom, rock-bottom is a good foundation from which you can build.  
Verily after hardship comes ease Quran 94:5

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