Remember That Love Journey

I remember the first time you talked to me,
I wasn’t sure what to do.
No one ever talked to me.
This was something different,
But something good.

I remember the first note you gave me
That made my hands shake as I took it from you.
It made me realize someone cared,
That I wasn’t completely alone,
And that if I left this world someone would know.

I remember our first dance together.
My mind was focused on the wrong person
I should have known it was you.
All along it was you,
And I’m glad you were the one to catch me.

I remember the first time you were sick.
I watched you carefully as you laid on my lap,
All along afraid you would go,
So small and warm it was then I knew I wanted to keep you.

I remember the first time I felt jealousy,
The feeling was foreign, something new,
A blinding anger that made no sense.
I wanted it gone and the other girl too.
All along I knew I was better for you.
I tried turning my anger by ridding myself of you.
The attempts were less than half hearted,
Even then you were the best thing I had.

The first humiliation and first time you held my hand
I was nervous, ashamed and wondering how much I really meant to you,
But then that simple gesture stopped my shaking, made me smile through fear.
You could make anything better.

I remember the first time I started to love you.
It was another new feeling, but it came so naturally.
You helped me through everything; you were always there.
I knew it was right, I knew you were mine.

I remember the first time I kissed you,
Sitting quietly at night on the porch.
The world seemed to stand still just for us.
I was nervous again, but in a much better way.
I had butterflies for days.

Remember the first time I started to trust you.
It was the strangest feeling you had yet to give.
I told you my secrets, my past and my fears.
You never left me like I thought you would.
You will stand by me through it all.

Do you remember the first time I listened to your heart?
I let my head lay on your chest, my hand lay gently on your face.
Time stood still above the world and we watched it all, just me and you.
Listening to yours set my own at ease.

I remember the first time I felt safe.
Curled up right in your lap
You promised to never hit me, to never try and hurt me.
You don’t know what that means to me,
It made me love you even more.
It is such a beautiful and amazing thing to know,
That you’ll never hurt me.

Do you remember the first time I believed you?
You held me in your arms as we danced across the floor
You painted me a picture of forever,
I listened in astonishment because somehow, suddenly I knew it was true.

Remember all the firsts and lasts.
I know we will have more if you spend forever with me.
I’ll do anything to keep you, I’ll never let you go.
You are the only one and you’ll always be.
I will love you forever.

When our eyes are locked,our lips are longing for each other .I feel love I have never known,Yet my heart feels so alone.
When our bodies are intertwined and her hand is locked in mine.
We’re laying there cheek to cheek Listening to our souls speak.
We share our dreams,we share our fears,We’re not afraid to shed our tears.
We can cry and we can laugh But we’re burdened by our pasts.

Jealousy begins to swell,Why can’t happiness just prevail.
Laughter always turns to anger,Our love is once again in danger.
Good times don’t ever seem to last,We can blame that on our past.
Life has made us who we are,We never seem to get too far,My soul will never really know How to ever let you go.

This love we have was unexpected,My heart is left unprotected.
I feel our paths were meant to cross,Before you, my soul was lost.
Life’s journey’s leading me to you.I need us both to see this through.
I want a love that others envy,and a heart that isn’t empty.
I want you to cause my biggest smiles,Ones that can be seen for miles.
How can our story ever start,If we won’t open up our hearts.

I never want our love to end,You’re my lover and my best friend.
I’m willing to work to make this last,Leaving our pasts in the past.
Love builds from trust, honesty, and respect,I’ll give it to you and it’s what I’ll expect.

So don’t give up on what we have,Let’s build it up and make it last,It’ll be worth it.

I promise you this,Our love is one that we would miss.

My heart and soul are lost without you,Let’s let love’s destiny see us through.
You’re my soulmate,you were made for me.You’re my heart’s final destiny.

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Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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