It’s not like a normal thing to start writing an article with a question, not only a question but also the big question to be asked. Question: why do African Politicians don’t trut their fellow rich Africans? As we start thinking about the question, let’s go through the writer; Abraham Maslow in his proposed theory ‘Human Motivation’ (1943) in which it’s apex is all about for individual’s “societal appreciation” – means, all what we do, we need a society to recognize and appreciate us on what we are doing.

Both, African Politicians and their rich Africans want society’s recognition but African politicians are not POWERFUL as they own all securities and genuinely they are not RICH- in which richness here symbolizes ‘money’ and ‘money can move mountains’. Here, it is where the fear and mistrust comes.

Why do the African Politicians don’t encourage their citizens to acquire wealthy with all the resources around them and become rich? They fear the rich Africans and observing them as their rivals to power because they don’t have constructive plans to encourage them, they are happy ruling poor people.

Have you asked yourself, with all the resources in Africa, why Africa does not have many billionaires? Because, the people trusted on power don’t creat such incentive environment for their fellow Africans to invest, create and innovate new business and technological advances ideas to prosperity both in very vast potentials available in Africa including in minerals, oil, gas, wind, tourism and others which in adverse can lead to collective distribution of wealth aming Africans, eventually collective development in Africa.

African Politicians are proud proclaiming their countries and their people being poor which isn’t true, they are trying to inculcate the sense of ‘inferiority’ that limit the entrepreneurial creativity in establishing business and exploring the wealth around them through collective or individual investments. What they fear here most is their fellow citizens and Africans become rich to threaten their power.

In Africa, as Africans to start a business in their own country to richness its too difficult than the foreigners start a business- what we coin a new name ‘Foreign Investment’, it’s all business- because of the massive regulator agencies that obstacled all processes of conducting business and engaging in entrepreneurship. The result is the tremendous eruption of corruption in many of African countries so as to grease out the business and investment for the local Africans.

Richness Shouldn’t be regarded as a Crime: Encourage Rich Africans for Rich Africa.

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