Scuba Diving

“What’s your most daring adventure wish?”
My phone ding-led,
At the wake of the night,
It was my crazy best friend,
Asking me the craziest of things,
At the craziest of times…
I rubbed all the sleepiness off my eyes,
And started typing..
“ I want to go to scuba diving,
With my future one,
Giggling about how insane,
Both our moms would go,
If they find out we did that,
Bonding with him,
And yelling my lungs out,
And maybe embarrassing him,
Every once in awhile,
As I hold on to his clothes.
Then coming home,
Days after that,
And crying to myself,
About such a wonderful memory”
“Aww.. I’m so jealous idiot!,
But that’s so sweet!” She replied

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