Soul ties are ties created or formed during sexual intercourse(sex). In other other words soul ties are like bonds. Everytime you get intimate with someone, you end up taking a piece of them that will live within you for eternity.

For instance you are dating a drug or pornographic addict and end up getting intimate with them, after sometime you’ll find yourself doing drugs or watching porn, why?? SOUL TIES.

Or you are dating a person who got mood swings, after a certain period of time you are not an exceptional of their moody type of character, why? SOUL TIES.

SOUK TIES are the reasons most relationships don’t work this days, you get into a new relationship yet within you, is a bunch of other people’s spirits that won’t leave you. You end up blaming your partner coz things are not working out between you two, why? SOUL TIES.

At times it’s better to avoid getting intimate with every person you end up with, coz you don’t know their background and the kind of spirits they carry within. Take time to understand a person before creating soul ties with them.


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