Start Over And Do Things Differently.

When I talk to people in their late  years,well known as bonus years,I hear more about things they would do more of, less of, or just better if they had the chance to do it all over again.

As they say two wrongs don’t make a right and the future has to be prepared today.Therefore for a bright future — in order to be successful in life both on earth and hereafter we need to start all over again and do things differently,in the right manner.its never too late for change.

We all see on how cruel the world.Animals are now kind hearted than humans,we have turned the world into hell.

The ignorant don’t want to be corrected and those without knowledge don’t want to seek knowledge.People who are supposed to be Heads are now tails and tails are now Heads, where exactly are we heading to?

Those who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones killing us and who are supposed to be fighting for us are the ones fighting us and taking away our rights.

We don’t know where to start amending what went wrong or what we did wrong.

Depression in our youths is on the rise since Things aren’t going well right now,considering the Economy blow,we are facing as Mombasa people and as a country — corruption on its elevation, politicians stealing taxpayers money and calamities hitting with its full swing.

As a Muslim am taught to be great full at any given point or moment,no situation is permanent.We know The Almighty is on side of the oppressed,we don’t need to worry but who can’t even though we have Allah on our side?No one.

I’m generally happy with life, so can’t complain much that a tortuous route got me to this point.

We need to start over and do things on a different style.

With hindsight let’s live by the following guidelines:

Be a protagonist Champion [ Enthusiastic and vocal supporters].

Am urging parents to be cheerleaders – not policemen – for their kids.they should hug them every time they see them and tell them they love them, they’re proud of them and miss them when we’re apart. And never skip a day of telling and showing their spouses how much They appreciate them. Let us bring up Happy and stable families.

Avoid being envious of other people’s achievements.

The more those around you progress, the more you will progress too. We must learn to be happy for one another. What is meant for you will surely get to you sooner or later.

Personally I would celebrate others’ good fortune more often; I would recognize and thank those in my life every time they do something noteworthy. Let’s wish for our brothers what we love l, that’s true love and The Almighty will bless us even more.

Take it slow but sure and lower expectations.

We should take the long view on reversals and disappointments and it’s high time we lower our expectations and be confident that most of them turn out to be great learning experiences.

 Circumvent Toxic environment.

Not forgetting Employees should know how to co-exist with their colleagues and love them,More than that be certain respect them and embrace their values. Most of all,make sure you’re worthy of their respect. Finally,get out of business with the “takers” sooner, and faster still with any who lack integrity.

Employers should change their criteria of hiring,on my opinion if I was one I would hire slowly and fire quickly – but gently.I will emphasize more on brains, heart and judgment – and less on experience.

Students should put taking classes with great professors above picking the perfect major.

Employees should also leave any job where they couldn’t find happiness and meaning,always making sure they’re moving toward something they want rather than away from something on the contrary. Above all Avoid Toxic working place.

Allow only positive vibes

Business persons should look for patterns. Few things are so unique and unusual that you can’t generalize from them.

 Accept yourself and remember Family comes first.

Personally,I am writing down my goals and sharing them with my significant other – but I am putting them down in pencil and not letting anyone punish me for changing them and would ask you to do so.

As time ticks,our our lifespan reduces,we are busy chasing wealth but along the run death cuts us short leaving everything here on earth.

Let’s show love and care to our loved ones before they’re no more.For instance Always make sure you say good-bye to parents when their time has come and give them the gift of knowing of your gratitude as they leave you behind.

Let’s “re-pot” every decade, seeing life as a book with decade-long chapters, writing each one with its chapter end in mind.

Turn off the voice in the head that comes from others’ expectations. rewrite the “operating system” inherited from our upbringing,the DNA and the experiences to date, replacing it line-by-line with self-talk.

Maybe I should be writing my eulogy – then do something about the gap between what I wish could be said and what could honestly be said.


Starting from wherever we are, we really can begin afresh and do better [Continue reading…]


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Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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