I am in pain!!!
Who will I call to help me mourn?
Who can help dry my tears?
I mourn for my children..
I cry for posterity

In melancholy I bathed myself daily
Reason I have come to you
Yes you, to release my bottled worries
Do not let them fade away
Like a sigh into the air

Shackles they wear no more
But freedom is far from them
Riches I have blessed them with
But the land is in misery and poverty
Funny enough, their own people are in charge

Real freedom I desire for my children
End to war, hunger and corruption
When will that new Dawn befall them?
Now, Someday or Never?

Africa! Africa! Africa!
Africa my motherland!
Africa, your people cries for you!
Africans must educate their citizens.
Africans must reach out to it’s people and empower them to build the nation.
Africans you are the only people who can liberated your citizens from poverty through education.
Africans must pay the price to rebuild the continent. — Leila


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