The biggest war of the decade is not yet over. 

From the few past years to present, we have experienced very interesting but the most miserable war. Contrarily from the earliest wars of 19th Century, the recent war has proved its uniqueness. It is comprised of inalienable features that makes it distinctive.

At some point, the participants are not even aware of their rivals but they keep on fighting, losing money, time, energy and other noble resources.

Despite  of your nationality, you must have come across the kind of people who leaves what they need at the expense of what they want. Needs of the people fighting against desires of the people. It’s a normal thing now that a woman/man will fight for iPhone 11 at any cost while her/his son is starving. The genuine things have no room.

The interpersonal conflicts are the real deal nowadays. Think of Politicians, lawyers and advocates. This is another category of people in this war of the decade. Politicians are always in a fight against their personality. They must lie to earn a life. Moreover, Advocates will always stand on truth regardless of who is in the case, their relatives or whoever else. Their professions battle with their willing.

The biggest war of the decade is not related to what was so called Cold War, WW1 or whatever. What I named the biggest war of the decade is the undecided blockage between the two sides of today’s LIFE.

Taking risk in every thing is the best determinant of every passionate person.

Breast cancer awareness month, Happy new Year, Love

Elisha Nassary

History is a part of my story.

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