The journey of seeking knowledge

The journey of seeking knowledge can take through several things as you pursue the best education. 21 years ago we traveled on a lorry to attend the high school but today we have buses across the recently tarmac road from home to where the tarmac was.

During our times it was a struggle as both the child and parents as forced to ride on truck. It used to be a journey of traveling for days depending on the availability of the vehicles and the nature of the roads ( bandits/rain cutting of roads).
Thankfully today’s parents don’t need to worry about all that as the road is tarmac and with buses and shuttle no worries about vehicles and riding comfortably. The journey of traveling from the North has became much more easier.

Today I managed to take a kid by myself to secondary School with buying stuff along the way before reporting to school the following day which is something during our times was unachievable. Am traveling back tonight and hopefully arriving in the morning at my house before another day begins.

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