The Unknown Mind

We have always been fed some fear of other people and the area where they live since childhood days. You are being told that these people hate us and they will never entertain us in their territory and once they spot you they will kill you.

That’s the narrative that has been part of us and many stayed with it without going beyond to investigate the reason and seeing a different angle. I used to love travelling to unknown despite receiving numerous warning not to go into that zone. I got opportunity of travelling after getting job for field trips from one of the local organization.

Before I started the journey I met two high school who were looking for means to return home for holiday but were stranded as there was no vehicle plying the route due to the fears of attack on that side. Strange enough the area is surrounded by rival tribesmen so as we started the journey everyone told us not to go there or else we will be attacked. So I had to choices of ignoring the trip or go ahead without looking back and giving the two schoolkids a ride to their home.

Being the team leader I said lets go ahead and we began the journey and spending that night at a nearby town where everyone insisted I cancel the trip as the road is impassable due to the rain that fell along the rough muddy road. As I looked down the two school kids came closer to me and said if you cancel we may never see our parents till the next holiday and that made me take the risk to continue the journey.

In our convoy was another vehicle which made a u-turn once we saw a small river flowing along the road and they told me forget it, there is no road ahead. I stepped out looking into the kids eyes and walked through the river to see how dip it’s, no driver wanted to test the road but i managed and told them come on we can drive through.

We managed to bypass and drove safely to our destination where we were received with the whole village with hugs and goat slaughtered for our team during our stay. The elders asked everyone to prepare for us a sleeping place for all of us as we slept peacefully without any worry.

We did our job and returned home happily after having been treated by the unknown people. Afterwards I asked my workmates are those people bad? They answered not at all

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