“A lot of people afraid of death, but the time will come you will be in the grave. Have you prepared? What was your mission? Have you trying to fulfill? Though not everyone fulfill. Just make it count pal………..”


Its matter of time,

I wonder its conundrum,

Son is missing you mom,

Even Wabasi sometimes,

Question, where am I?


No Muhammad no Jesus,

No Maulid, never a Christmas,

No Sheikh  even Schemas,

My sister, it’s me no us,

I wonder, where am I?


No light, no air,

Exclusive no pair,

Rotten, no even hair,

Ooh, what’s is happening?

Where  am I?


Nowhere I can hide,

No bicycle no ride,

Yet no pride,

Ooh! Lord be my side,

Surprised, where am I?


Yet no truth or lie,

Where is my favorite tie?

Dreaming or die?

Circle or pie,

Oh fascinating

Where am I?


No girl of my dream,

No juice, no ice cream,

I could have scream,

I got no work, no team,

Where am I?


I remember philosophy,

There is triumph?

Or nothing in my path?

The life was worth?

Am I meditating?

If no, where am I?


Wish I could be a care,

‘Cause the life was fine & fair,

To be true was not sure,

Only I dare to be fair,

Where am I?


I was there as winner?

Or a reputable sinner?

Judgement is later or sooner?

Happiness is no more a toner,

I’m puzzled?

Where am I?


The history was written,

But there was determinations?

Will it favor generations?

Does ‘ignorance’ been smitten?

Still pondering!

Where am I?


Crying is not an option,

Where is my correction?

I thought of elixir or potion,

Yet no pills, Question!

Where am I?


Nice for what?

Unpleasant shirt,

No good ink yet,

You’re not late,

Think over right spot,

Where am I?


Am in the graveyard,

Miles away too hard,

Two roads,

Small plus the huge,

Destination but no aptitude,


#Graveyard, #Wabasi, Conundrum, Judgement, ThisIsWhereIam


PETER MMBAGA is the content and digital media consultant found in Dar es Salaam, a wordsmith with poetry pen name 'Mbasi', maybe you can call him 'jack of all trade' or 'writing savvy' in writing arena with his creative writings ranging from; newspaper features, copy writing, creative strategic planning, music composing, blogging, content marketing and poetry.  For him 'writing' is business and passion. Connect with him, Twitter @Mbasi  & Instagram @mbasiofficial

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