The Prophet  Muhammad ﷺ NEVER SAID EXCEPT THE TRUTH even when he was JOKING and that’s the COMMAND HE LEFT BEHIND for us because TRUTHFULNESS LEADS to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and righteousness LEADS TO PARADISE. And a man KEEPS ON TELLING THE TRUTH until he becomes a TRUTHFUL PERSON.

When FASTING, its NOT ONLINE RESTRAINT from FOOD, DRINKS and SEX, it goes beyond that. Your TONGUE may MESS your fast or RESCUE it. It’s a REAL LOSS for restraining yourself from the above only to VERBALLY DIORHEA PROFUSELY. SLANDER and BACKBITING is a real DANGER to ones GOOD DEEDS because in the PROCESS OF THE TWO, alot of ill may be said DEPENDING on the VESTED INTEREST of the VENOM CARRIER.

One only needs to UNDERSTAND that FALSEHOOD LEADS to Al-Fajur (i.e. wickedness, evil-doing), and Al-Fajur (WICKEDNESS) LEADS to the (HELL) FIRE, and a man may KEEP ON TELLING LIES till he is written before Allah ﷻ, A LIAR. When it REACHES THIS STATE, one is now considered a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and he now LIES PASSIONATELY. KEEP YOUR FAST INTACT. Keep your DEEDS INTACT and don’t bring them down with YOUR OWN HANDS.

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah ﷻ, Muhammad ﷺ, said, “Do you know what backbiting is?” They said, “ Allah ﷻ and his messenger  Muhammad ﷺ know best.” The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “To mention your brother in a way he dislikes.” It was said, “What do you think if what I said about him is true?” The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “If what you say about him is true, it is backbiting. If it is not true, it is slander.”

In Islam, truthfulness is the conformity of the outer with the inner, the action with the intention, the speech with belief, and the practice with the preaching. As such, truthfulness is the very cornerstone of the upright Muslim’s character and the springboard for his virtuousness deeds.

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