Some are ALREADY PEELING off the DATES and COLD PULP is slowly GRADUATING to ice in the COOLER. A mat has been PREPPED not for PRAYERS but just KILLING that LAST MINUTE FATIGUE which is a COMBINATION of HUNGER and EXHAUSTION, stories CREEPING in from ALL SIDES of the ASSEMBLY. How I wish they were DISCUSSING THE AUTHENTICITY of some TRADITIONS or even the SABABUL NUZUL of some VERSES.

I wish they discuss the PENDING REWARDS awaiting them and how to INCREASE THE FOLLOWING DAY. I wish they DISCUSS how to TAKE CARE of the few DESTITUTES PASSING BY and LOOKING FRAIL since they MAY NOT even have AN IDEA with what they will BREAK THEIR FAST though they are FASTING NEVERTHELESS.

At the risk of SOUNDING CRITICAL OFFENSIVE, am just here to REMIND US that it’s not about GOOD DRINKS in the whole of the RAMADHAN SEASON. It’s all about GOODNESS HOWEVER SMALL. It’s about MAXIMISING on the GOLDEN CHANCE of reaping rewards. IT’S TIME to DISPEL EMPTY TALKS and spend much time on SENSIBLE TALKS. But more so, BREAK your FAST FAST and FIRST, immediately ADHAN GOES OFF.

Make it SYSTEMATIC and NOT CHAOTIC as I have seen in the past. FOOD will ALWAYS BE THERE after 10 minutes of MAGHRIB PRAYER. Just carry yourself with DECORUM and all the REWARDS ARE YOURS. More haste less speed. STAND WARNED. Ramadhan mabruuuuu

Sahl bin Sa’d (RAA) narrated That the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “People will always be fine (on the right path, or  following the Sunnah) as long as they hasten to break their fast (in  Ramadan).” Agreed upon.

Bulugh al-Maram (Fasting)
English reference: Book 5, Hadith 679
Arabic reference: Book 5, Hadith 658

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