Up and running (getting to know the audience)

The first time I was asked to join as an editor for this blog, I was so excited, I thought of so many things I could share with you guys, the first 2,3,5 or 100 people to view our blog, I thought about starting off with social media marketing and all the entrepreneurship stuffs.

On a second thought, I felt it’d be great if the first blog post idea came from you, the reader, and this could also be a perfect opportunity to get to know our first viewers ever. So I’ll do an introduction, and drop my contact below so I can interact with you, and get to know my first viewers.

My name is Ugochukwu Ogoke, I’m an Entrepreneur, and Chief Editor of campusxp magazine, I’m also Co-founder of Max&Calebs Inspirational Clothing line. I’m a Philosopher, and Humanist, very passionate about entrepreneurship, travel and I’m a die hard Chelsea fan.

That’s it, tell us about your, in the comments section, send me an email ugoski@campusxp.com, hit me up on Instagram @maxugoski.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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