What Is Success

I will just repeat it once more,Stress, tension and anxiety are not going to get us anywhere
If we let your fears overpower us failure, is at what we will stare.

Life isn’t about finding excuses- it is about finding solutions.
Stop blaming situations and problems
Take charge and chances to usher in a new dawn.

On the other hand you should know that,Success is engraved on our hearts
and is only uncovered when we have found true happiness.

Life’s goal is not about Possession.
Its is about learning to accept ourselves
and let things flow in their most natural state,the way the Almighty planned.

To let go and drift in the wind with a soul
as light as a summer’s breeze,to see where life’s journey takes you,to admire something or someone you love
from afar,Instead of contaminating
them with the suffocating being of what we call Possession.

It is about finding yourself and your own meaning of the existence of this Very tiny,very isolated and intricately plotted
Universe,to find where we stand
and fit in the substantial and never-ending vortex we call Space.

It is not just about living
but about being alive and content with yourself.

Remember Death is an inevitable fate,someday we have to meet our creator,The Almighty.

You hope you did your best in life,
but how are you to know?
It’s not the model of your car or brand of clothes you wear.

It’s not some fancy, famous name,
sewn in your underwear.
It’s not the square footage of your house
or what you keep inside.
There’s no material you possess
that proves success in life.

It’s everything you sacrificed and choices you made.
It’s all the problems that you solved,your lessons from mistakes.It’s bad times you’ve persevered.

Success is all the fun you’ve had,any time you’ve ever laughed and every tear you’ve shed.

It’s any time that you’ve been proud
of others or yourself,every friend you helped – every wish you ever had,all your dreams and hopes.
It’s all the books,movies and the stories you read, watched and told.

The places you’ve been .It’s every sunset that you caught and every cent you spent.

It’s anyone you’ve ever loved who mourns you in the end.
It’s all these things and so much more,so don’t stress.If you lived your life
Wild-n-free,Then it’s been a success.


Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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