Who was it? You Or me

Was it you?


Was it me?

Was it me, who crashed into your life, drained all you could offer and left you empty?

Or was it you, who hurt me over and over again even as I begged you to stop it?

Was it me who begged you to leave, to stop texting me and when you did I couldn’t help but cry?

Or was it you? Who was looking for leeway’s and loopholes to set yourself free of my shackles? Who pretended to not want to leave so that at the end you could be the hurting victim?

Was it me? Who started losing feelings and searching for mistakes to cut the bond that was no longer interesting?

Or was it you? Who found what he came for and I was no longer a challenge. I was just another conquered body.

Who was it that caused the hurricane?

I mean I know if you’re asked you’d say it was you and if I’m asked I’m still gonna say it was you ,but who’s the real villain? You or me ?

Who was it that caused the whole world to stop turning,holding its breath to find out who was the victor? Who would win in this cycle of love and hate?

#broken #love

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