Why Google ad pop ups could hurt your blog, and how you can generate income alternatively

Last week I published a post asking viewers to hit me up and suggest what you’d like me to blog about, and I got a few emails, and recommendations, and I really appreciate everyone that took their time to send the emails and comments. I’m going to share with you guys a topic that was recommended by a very close friend of mine, which is, “how can we generate income from our traffic?”

You’ve probably heard how important blogging is to marketing your business, and those who don’t have businesses might want to use it to share their thoughts and passions, whether arts, music, fashion, photography, gosip blog etc

If you’re still thinking a blog isn’t necessary for your business, here are 3 Benefits of Business Blogging:

1.It Attracts New Leads

2.It Builds Trust with Customers

3.It Improves Your Brand Reputation

You can use a blog to elevate your brand to new heights and establish your business as a thought leader in the market. I’ll talk more about this later in another blog post.

If you own a blog, you might be thinking of how you can generate income from your blog, after all you need to get paid for all the hard work and late nights of writing, researching and brainstorming, I was once in the same shoes.

Pop up ads is one way to generate income from your website, as you can sign up with any ad company, paste their code on your site and start getting paid for traffic, whether Google AdSense or pop ads and the rest. While it’s possible to earn some income from ads, you can only do that if you have a huge flow of traffic, to earn up to $1 on Google AdSense you’d need 1,000 impressions, which means to get up to $1,000 you’d need 1,000,000 impressions, if your site isn’t generating at least 100,000 visitors per day, good luck with getting $1,000.

It’s not just that these ads pay so little, but think about it, who wants those annoying ads popping up right in the middle of an interesting article or redirecting to another site and opening multiple tabs while trying to download an interesting movie. I can guarantee you that 75% of viewers do not go back to websites that keep redirecting to ads. But the good news is that there are better alternatives, and three of them which I make use of are Affiliate marketing, Direct promotion and Direct sales.
Affiliate marketing: You receive a commission every time a person buys an online product based on your recommendation.
“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.”
The mechanics of this process are simple. It starts by finding an interesting product that you like, making an effort to promote it to other people and, in the end, earning a piece of the profit (commission) for each successful sale. I’ll talk more about how to be effective in affiliate marketing, and make passive income from it, in another blog post.
Direct promotion: you can meet up with brands and business owners, and strike a deal with them and they’ll pay you to promote or talk about their business, and you can upload an image of their product on your blog
Direct sales: If you have any product you want to sell, you can upload the images of the product and ask people to buy directly.
Before you start monetizing, there’s one fundamental thing you need to do to ensure your current and future success – start building an email list.
Finally, just focus on providing value to your audience, and the income will follow naturally.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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