With This We Can Curb Domestic Violence

” Babe please nifungie hizi viatu” ( please tie my shoelaces) she said as she held her waist and made a sound that insinuated  the neighbor to her heart,was growing fast which was accompanied with some pangs which meant she could no longer do some stuff like she used to, like bend and tie her shoelaces.

See “Babe” is the name I am called when moods are right otherwise I am just Hamza or “wee” .
So I bent to tie her shoes and in that distance between my standing posture and bent knees I was thrust to nostalgia a time when my mum would come back home at 12:00 MIDNIGHT every night.

From her back breaking milk woman business,that she sold door to door some kilometers away from home by now my eyes had begun to sweat for the picture is engraved in my mind how my mum would come home exhausted as she retired in our worn out chairs with broken arm rests  without an inch of energy she couldn’t even swat a fly.

it was my task to remove her gumboots which had become part of her legs a task I took with love and care.
My wife brought me back to the present “ what’s wrong” she asked as I tried to hide my tears.

In between sobs I managed to have a convo with myself, one part of my brain asked what if we treated our spouses like we did our parents?After all they are parents to our children.

This mindset in my opinion could help curb a lot of domestic violence, inhumane cases we read and watch on media everyday.

I know this is a hotly contested topic as for me I choose to follow the advice of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) “ The best of you are the ones that are the best to your wives”.

This one I love, for she made me a father.
This one I love, for she cares for more than Gmail cares about new devices signing into my account.

I know at times I cause headache but I am also the painkiller.
Bebii I can be your modern day Geisha, I can shower you with love 😍.

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