“Fine wine” that’s what he calls her

She belongs to herself, broken but converted her pieces.Am with her now.Re-waken her energy.Try and change the ugly thoughts.

where words like menstruation and puberty ain’t cringeworthy.

Walking freely at the first portion of the night.Tell them  that you’re more than “curves” and angles.Sturnt on him!

Keeping it one hunnid, knowing it’s all about You, not him.Don’t suck the rage,

Standing by each other rather going with the flow.In groups talking queerly, “they need our protection”

Says a man who gets fits while walking down a busy path alone.Ironic, the truth to it all.

Embrace what you see in the mirror,She’s resilient and strikingly beautiful.We are, I am, you are,Together (Women).

Creators of own happiness,Unified against  oppression.Tellthat man to adopt the plural WE.Cause we cling to strife,building castles in our bones.

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